Monday, July 16, 2012

Podcast: Strada Italiano on the Asheville Pizza Showdown 2012

When the Asheville Pizza Wars came out in 2010, many restaurants got involved and it was a great community event. Fiore's was the 1st Place Winner of the Cheese Pizza. Since then, Chef Anthony has opened up Strada Italiano and closed the previous establishment. Same pizza, new restaurant! For 2012, Strada is coming back on the scene with a pizza that they are sure will win the Asheville Pizza Showdown 2012

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Podcast: Asheville Pizza Showdown 2012

Chris Hart of Garage at Biltmore / Tribe Management introduces the Asheville Pizza Showdown 2012 that is coming up on August 12th. A great foodie and beer community time is coming up soon! See the press release on AskAsheville. Listen to the podcast below:

Yoga Teacher - Meet Lindsay Fields

Listen to Lindsay Fields, a Yoga Teacher based in Asheville NC, explain how her life was destined into the industry of health and wellness. She also discusses how social media has changed the landscape in the Yoga world. Lindsay is a vital part of the Asheville community and also teaches classes in Weaverville North Carolina as well.

Ruth's Chris in Asheville North Carolina - Meet Gabe Fore

Listen to Gabe Fore, General Manager at Ruth's Chris in Asheville North Carolina, discuss the local efforts and accomplishments they are making in this homegrown community. Gabe has been a wine and foodie highlight in the AVL area for many years. You can also find him on Twitter: @TheSavvyEater

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Cast Your Vote on OurVoYce - New Online Voting Site

Recently, SoConvo got the opportunity to speak to Jon Daggerhart, the owner of the new voting website called ourvoYce. The platform is very different from other voting sites in that they keep it simple: Thumbs Up, Neutral, or Thumbs Down are the only 3 choices you have. You can also see how your vote counted on a data map of the United States that they show on their website. So for example, you may find out that people in New York love Starbucks, but people in Michigan are neutral when it comes to that specific brand. After you vote, you can also click on the stat bar and an option will appear that allows you to send out what you just voted on to Twitter and Facebook.

Plenty of Categories are listed by Tags including Major League Baseball, American Idol, Magazines and much more. Listen to the podcast "What is ourvoYce" below and visit

Friday, June 29, 2012

Podcast Interview: Meet Erin Scholze of Dreamspider Publicity

Erin Scholze of Dreamspider Publicity is a National Music Publicist based in Asheville North Carolina. In this podcast interview, SoConvo asks some great questions that will allow you to get to know what she does more in depth. Being a musician without the proper publicity can be a challenge. Erin discusses how she walks each of her clients through a custom evaluation and steps to make their campaign successful. The podcast is titled "Meet Erin Scholze of Dreamspider Publicity"